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  • A6: Monitor backlinks that come in by including them in a spreadsheet automatically using #Page2RSS, @IFTTT and a link index #semrushchat
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  • (not that it's about quantity though) #semrushchat
  • A5: Creating a piece of super-content like a comprehensive illustrated guide (aka "#SkyscraperContent" #semrushchat
  • A4 Strategic industry relationships w/publishers is the initial boost good content needs to gain link-earning/building momentum #semrushchat
  • @SEOcial oops, that was an A3
  • A4: Tactics that feature USEFUL and RARE & NICHE information that a specific audience will get really excited = earned links #semrushchat


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PageRank: An Outdated Metric and a Closet Industry

PageRank was a pivotal algorithm in search engine history, however times have changed and a scam-like industry has formed around selling its perceived value.

15 June, 2015

Getting Started With The Google Maps API

You've probably been noticing that more and more websites are using beautiful and in some cases, branded maps to show all sorts of data (most commonly a business location) on their website.

27 May, 2015

Making the WordPress Admin Area More Client Friendly

One of the many reasons that WordPress has developed into the most popular CMS is because of how user-friendly the admin area is. However, there are benefits to customizing it even further.

08 May, 2015

Getting Started With Google Tag Manager

If you're looking to gather more insight into how your site visitors are interacting with your website but aren't quite sure about the proper way of collecting such data, Google Tag Manager's the way to go.

16 April, 2015

Building HTML Tables That Google Search Will Love

Remember when Google started including images, videos, local shops, PDF documents and Youtube videos right in search results back in 2007? Well now that's happening again with structured forms of content like HTML tables.

26 March, 2015

Should Businesses Ever Consider Daily Deals?

A few years ago it seemed like the daily deal industry was in the news everyday, but the tide has changed. Is there any value in daily deals left for businesses?

16 March, 2015

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RT @GHTrendingNow: An Enormous List of #Referral Tactics https://t.co/Nki5lLZcWv https://t.co/CBYwuNdeKM

1 week ago

RT @ScrnsvrNinja: 'Nothing’s worse than reading...analytics...and discovering an issue that began...some time ago.' - Orun at @seocial http…

4 months ago

Great Scott, we've arrived. https://t.co/dLEivQjcGw

4 months ago

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