October 8, 2013

6 Reasons People Love to Share Funny Content

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1. Give The Feed a Break

The Facebook and Twitter feeds are littered with status and tweets that can bum you out. People complaining about their car, love life, job, finances or even kids seem to be taking over our feeds. Putting a funny piece of content breaks the tension. If anything, it serves as a beacon of light as if to say, “ease up folks, it’s just Facebook”. A lot of our day is humorless and work-filled, let’s leave our social networks out of it when we can.

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2. It Gives You Credibility

Finding a good piece of humor online gives the appearance that you told the joke. Much like at a dinner party when you’re re-telling jokes you’ve heard at a comedy club or on TV the night before. Even though it isn’t your joke, it’s as if you discovered the joke and made it your own.

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3. It Gives Reason To Your Procrastination

Wasting your time procrastinating is given a little bit of legitimacy when you find a funny video that you must share. Everyone has said at least one time or another “I was supposed to be working, then I found this video of a cat riding a Roomba. It’s the greatest!”

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4. Validation

We live for people to validate what we find funny. Nothing is worse than when you share a video and someone says, “it wasn’t funny.” In one sentence, they have managed to bring into question everything you know and thought you knew about comedy. On the other hand, nothing feels as good as when you share something funny and you get flooded in likes, comments and shares. The first share is the sweetest but the 20th share is even better.

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5. Competitive Motivation

A lot of times sharing funny content turns into a game of one up-ing someone. First someone shares something that makes you laugh, so then you send back something funnier. Now the other person has to share something better or they have lost this exchange of humor. Before long, neither of you are watching the content and just ensuring that you have the last word.

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6. Badge Of Honor

There is a certain point of pride when it comes to being known as the guy with the best taste in finding virtual comedy. Like a sommelier at a restaurant, walking around the office and being able to pull up a funny video that is guaranteed laughs endows you with a false sense of pride. Being known as the funny guy will lead to everyone trying to impress you with something they found. You’ll always know something funnier than what they presented which will always lead to a standing ovation.

There are many reasons why we share funny content, but more often than never, it’s easier to share something funny than something depressing. No one likes that person who shares sad news, videos or writing. Don’t be the person who shares the depressing stuff.

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Rami Boraie

Rami’s so passionate about making your audience smile, he attained a degree in oral medicine and dental surgery. True story.
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