About us

In a nutshell:

We help businesses live up to their potential by developing search-worthy brands, content and technology solutions through an integrated marketing-lens.

Although we’re spreading our wings, currently 100% of our clients are referrals. #blushing

SEOcial is a digital-forward marketing agency specializing in bringing businesses into the future. Websites aren’t digital brochures, logos don’t make a brand and link-stuffing doesn’t make your business search-worthy. Our strength is in identifying and solving complex marketing challenges. We just happen to also be unapologetically dedicated to advocate-building communication, the future of web technologies and conversion oriented design.

As for our name: SEO represents our ability to create search-worthy content and generate traffic and the cial represents social posturing– our way of strategically positioning your brand’s identity to permeate the internet and reach your audience, driving action.

As inspired entrepreneurs, marketers and web futurists we know that a successful marketing begins and ends with the needs of your audience. Simply put, SEOcial’s integrated marketing is designed to:

  1. Identify knowledge gaps, wacky benchmarking and unrealized opportunities, yielding clarity and improved budgeting
  2. Optimize your audience’s ability to find and approach you, yielding lower customer acquisition costs and faster prospecting life cycles (SEO Services)
  3. Augment your product/service’s perceived value, yielding improved affinity and bankable-competitive edge (Content Development Services)
  4. Fine tune your sales offerings and procedures, yielding higher revenue (Sales Conversion Services)
  5. Strategically orchestrate social sharing, yielding an increase in return business and referrals (Organizational Development and Social Media)
  6. Solve tech bottleneck challenges to improve internal and external processes, yielding support for future growth

Lastly, as a result of our work above, your marketing will increase your venture’s valuation.
To find out HOW we do this, visit our services page.

We develop processes and strategies that solve business challenges through a marketing lens. We’re not interested in doing what is easiest but rather what is most effective.

We aren’t in this for the attention. Our clients get all of our glory and we like it that way. And while our staff didn’t build Disney’s website or blog for Anderson Cooper…

Some of us cracked WordPress to produce a rare functionality for a client who needed to re-purpose content to juice their journalist’s articles. We’ve taken the ghastly and made it beautiful, current and lucrative.

We’ve designed presentations that produced $8 million in partnerships. We’ve created passive revenue systems for clients who love their core business but also want additional stability in revenue.

Most of us have science degrees, some majored in the arts. Others worked for Google and a few of us were even contestants on The Dragons’ Den. One of us developed the social media strategy for global brands like Sprite.

Oh and back to Disney, one of our team members spent years developing their corporate organizational development best practices.

NONE of us however, lack the experience, passion or knowledge to drive profit in your business through marketing.

A little less conversation, a little more action. – Elvis

Some of our clients

Our Story

SEOcial = Mister Spock + Deanna Troi

We’re what happens when Spock travels in time and falls in love with Deanna Troi.

You’ve met him before, Spock personifies an archetype we all know. Who are you thinking of? Maybe it was an old co-worker or neighbor, He’s logical, methodical, extremely detail-oriented and he frequently explores highly unorthodox avenues when solving a problem. He’s on our team, and co-founded this company. Orun Bhuiyan is the reason SEOcial is on the pulse of web technologies and why our output is always stratospherically above industry standard. His strengths lie in the fine details that no one else would bother with. To him, distinguished results are merely a subsequent effect of the carefully calculated perfection of each variable.

As for Deanna, don’t be sheepish, you’ve opened up to her before. Star Trek character Deanna Troi captures the essence of our strive for “homo empathicus”, a humanity wired for empathy, social cooperation and mutual aid. While Diana Santaguida can’t read minds like her character avatar, she can certainly step into the shoes of your target audience, aim to understand their feelings and perspectives and use that understanding to help SEOcial client’s guide audience actions. Her schooling in neuro-linguistic programming and ability to scale back and see the big picture helps SEOcial build enduring client relationships. To her, profit generating results are the fruit of a well tended garden.

Often times hilarious and at times poetic, SEOcial is a child project of two minds supported by a dedicated team of professionals.

Meet the team

Diana Santaguida

Creative Director, Co-founder

Diana likes to break through the surface. So if you’re looking for a superficial solution, think again. That’s not to say that Diana’s Southern-Italian-sales-DNA can’t be used to your advantage: Her creative direction and copy-writing has a way of making your audience get down on one knee and commit. You’ll find her intuitive understanding of your audiences motivations and needs align perfectly with her tendency to see the “big picture”.

Before SEOcial, Diana traveled North America consulting entrepreneurs on referral orchestration, marketing optimization strategy and digital approachability. Experiential knowledge and rare tutelage under a direct marketing “king” prepped her to earn a degree in Internet Marketing.

Diana is a morning blend of budding futurist and nostalgic marketer who turns the curious passerby into someone who can’t live without your business. Simmer her down and she might sing you a jazz standard or two from her past life as a performer. Just don’t tell her that your puppy is cuter than hers (because it’s not).

Orun Bhuiyan

Marketing Technologist, Co-founder

In one way or another, Orun’s day-to-day activities at SEOcial typically involve finding ways to interweave the realms of marketing and technology. There’s little he loves more than theorizing how something that hasn’t been done before would work and then implementing it. You’ll also find that Orun thrives in the fine details and serves as a rare competitive advantage to give our clients the leg up they need to success on the web.

Orun loves to accumulate skills as a tactic to better understand the world. Being a savvy programmer, designer and marketer with an academic background in the sciences gives him a strong base skill set to work from when learning something new. His current special interest areas include captology, information security, big data, the semantic web and various other emerging technologies.

Jeff Waite

Optimization Strategist

Jeff Waite spent his university years studying the complex biochemical reactions responsible for powering our cellular machinery, but found himself more enamoured with the scientific process than the specific subject matter. He applied his problem solving methodologies to marketing, sales and business development. Today, Jeff helps an array of business owners implement process-based growth initiatives, perfectly personalized to fit their offerings and industry.

Outside the office, Jeff likes to run, cook and read as much non-fiction as humanly possible.

Olusegun Adebajo

Graphic Designer

Olusegun entered the world of design in 2007, when he and a friend decided to enter the fashion industry by starting a clothing line. Whatever shape and form that dream took, he always felt something was missing. Being a stickler for finesse, he decided to shelve the pursuit, until he found that missing “something”.

Six years and an advanced diploma in graphic design later, he is burning more vehemently with hunger and passion on the road back to his first vision. He has fully embraced the world of design through the looking glass of graphic design. When Olu designs he likes to create experiences and is always looking for a story to tell. Storytelling is that “something” he had been looking for, and he’s found it — in design.

Darby Rahme Photograph
Darby Rahme Photograph

Darby Rahme

Market Intelligence

Having worked and lived in Botswana, Hong Kong, the U.K., Japan and China, Darby is our international covert agent. Combining her Masters of Science in eMarketing and a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Entrepreneurship, along with her ability to break your knees with her pinky makes her a marketing ninja you don’t want to mess with.

No joke. Darby has her black belt in Hap Ki Do, presently trains in karate and also trained with masters at the Southern Shaolin Temple and on Wudang Mountain in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. She’s a self-starter and asset to SEOcial having previously founded an SEM company specializing in bilingual accounts and has worked with large corporate clients across Canada in industries ranging from oil and gas to commercial real estate.

Rami Boraie

Social Media Strategist

Rami’s so passionate about making your audience smile, he attained a degree in oral medicine and dental surgery. True story. Okay, well, maybe the dentistry came first, but it wasn’t long before he realized that his ability to make people smile was just as important as making their smile look good.

As a community manager, content strategist and international touring comedian, Rami’s wit brought social media success to clients like Sprite, Fred Perry, Diesel and The Intercontinental Hotel. When he’s not making your audience love you, you’ll find him working on his skit, cooking and riding his bike. He almost always cries at the end of The Notebook.

Danny Michel


Danny’s a developer obsessed with site speed optimization and pixel perfect flexible frameworks that ensure that your audience gets what they want as quickly as they want it and on just about any device. He’s also a trek-geek turned custom plugin developer with a knack for making WordPress work to the user’s advantage.

When he’s not programming you can find him having a blast with his 3 kids and jamming out to Japanese Enka.

Gino Santaguida

Industrial Designer

Gino is studying industrial design at the Rochester Institute of Technology and partnering with Herman Miller to develop a new solution for the Living Office exhibition in part of Metproject04. Recently, he designed and developed a compact kit that focused on treatment and prevention of nosebleeds in emergency situations. The project has garnered interest with RIT’s patent attorneys and is currently patent pending. If you’re seeking a product designer versed in the industry’s methodical tendency for clean lines and the pragmatism to solve complex usability challenges — he’s your guy. In his spare time you’ll find him rearranging your furniture or taking apart anything you put in front of him. Yeah, he’s one of those.

Anson Alexander

Information Technology Specialist

From a young age, Anson had always been enthralled with computers and technology. After earning his degree in International Business and Information Systems, Anson worked as an IT Administrator for a medium-sized publication company. As he began to develop a love for teaching others about technology, he also began working on his own website, AnsonAlex.com, which specializes in software tutorials, videos and informative articles and today garners millions of visits and tens of thousands of subscribers. In 2012, Anson was published in his first professional software tutorial series on DocStoc.com and, since, has published 3 additional tutorial series for the organization – including a 40 part video series on SEO. In 2013, Anson began to work with SEOcial to hone his own skills in the web industry and learn from a dynamic and innovative team. In his free time, Anson enjoys traveling, speaking Spanish, playing all types of video games and fixing peoples’ devices at a local Apple store.

Anna Santaguida


Anna’s an illustrator, sign maker and graphic designer from the Garden State, who lives in New York City. You’ve probably seen her work at your local Whole Foods Market. She received her BFA in illustration from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Anna’s got an uber-specific style that brings a unique quality to branding and design oriented content development projects at SEOcial. If you’re writing a storybook Anna can bring it to life. She loves iced coffee, symmetrical patterns, hand lettering and her giant Italian family. She drives a brown Volkswagen Beetle named “Mr. Bean”.

Matt Ho

App Developer

Software has already changed so much of our lives and Matthew believes there is so much more it can do for us. This is especially true for the computers we carry with us everywhere we go, our smartphones. After extensive software development experience across two continents with marquee names such as Google and Toyota, Matthew co-founded a successful software company (TopHatMonocle) that turned mobile devices in the classroom from being distractions to being assets that helped students learn better, faster.

A proud alumni of the University of Waterloo, Matthew spends his idle time learning the languages of the world so that no matter where he goes, he’ll always be able to order a vodka martini, shaken not stirred.