February 19, 2014

Business Infographics Explained

Business Infographics are worth checking out. That’s because business infographics are more than just interesting, they’re also profitable! So in this short blog post we’ll dive in to the world of business infographics to help you understand how to make your infographics profitable for your business too.

And by the way…

Even if you aren’t making infographics yourself, don’t worry. This article will give you everything you need to know about how to hire an infographic designer to create you a profitable business infographic. Does that sound okay?

Great, now let’s dive into it…

What Are Infographics Really About?

Infographics, whether they are for business or not, are designed to communicate something in a compelling way that is hard to express in words. You’ll notice a lot of infographics deal with data, dates and other hard facts. Compared to an excel spreadsheet or pivot table, an infographic is an incredibly effective way to share a large amount of data with your target audience.

Infographics are especially useful in communicating business value because business transactions and communications are, by their very nature, quite complex. So when you have only one chance to get your message across to key shareholders, having a business infographic is often a decision worth investing in.

What Makes an Infographic Profitable for Business?

Since infographics are all about communicating a key point and getting buy-in from your audience, they are immensely profitable for business. Just think about it…

If you are in the boardroom and need to get consensus from a skeptical and scattered audience, there is nothing more effective than an infographic. First of all, business infographics are eye-catching so you can command the attention of everyone in your room.

That’s half the battle right there.

But profitable business infographics go one step further…

After your infographic grabs the attention of your audience, you’ll notice your readers all stay engaged. They’re eyes follow a natural narrative and before you know it they’re all nodding in agreement. Infographics command attention and drive home a key message through logical and fact-based story telling. This combination of factual detail and eye-catching design are what make infographics so profitable for building buy-in among business decision makers.

So now that you understand the power, impact and influence of business infographics you are probably wondering how you can get your hands on one of your own…

Where Can You Find Profitable Infographics?

Well, good question! If you’re looking to find profitable infographic designers to help you with your own business infographic then you’ve come to the right place. That’s because SEOcial has a special division exclusively designed to create profitable infographics for remote clients. So how can you cash in?

Just visit our contact page above and request a quote for your very own infographic.

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Jeff Waite

As an optimization strategist, Jeff helps an array of business owners implement process-based growth initiatives, perfectly personalized to fit their offerings and industry.
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