January 22, 2014

Business Website Designs

Business Website Designs vary based on the type of site, and what you’re trying to achieve. In this blog post I’ll share some of the most popular business website designs we’ve made in the last year. In addition to showing you some of these beautiful business website designs, I’ll also explain the functional (read: business) purpose behind the design of each website. Sound good? Great…

So while business websites come in all types of design, there are a couple of best practice formats based on what you’re trying to achieve. A newspaper business website will necessarily have a much different design than that of a law office. This makes sense when you think about it, right?

Now, let’s take a look at the most common business website design types so you can find the one that will work best for you…

Popular Business Website Design Categories:

Publication Business Website Design: If your business involves publishing large amounts of content, you might like the business website design below. You’ll notice the content is prominently featured so that the reader will be drawn in. Calls to actions and monetization of users occurs after the reader has spent some time on the site digesting articles. This business website design exudes thought-leadership and is one you can consider if creating a website for an online publication business.

Publication Business Website Design
Notice how this website design features the content created by the publication business (click to enlarge).

Professional Services Business Website Design: If you’re a lawyer, doctor or other professional you will want a website like the design below. Notice how the page grabs your attention, instills a sense of authority and then compels you to take action. The website is designed to make an impact, educate potential consumers and capture contact information. What more could you ask for in a professional business website design?

Professional Website Business Design
Do you see why this professional website business design makes an impact? (Click to enlarge)

B2B Enterprise Business Website Design: Large business to business enterprise level companies have their own website design requirements. At the enterprise level of business , you want your website design to show off your credibility and inspire confidence in your business solutions. You’ll prominently feature your past projects and any awards or acclaims you have in your industry. Take a look at the enterprise business website design below to see what I mean.

B2B Business Website Design
This B2B Business Website Design encourages visitors to see past performance (click to enlarge).

Vanity Business Website Design: Along the same lines as enterprise business website designs, some niche industries have websites with a main purpose of reinforcing value and answering specific client questions. These websites, while not designed specifically for conversion, serve a valuable business purpose by highlighting your specific value and delivering a ton of credibility to small business niche clientelle who may have particular concerns.

Vanity Business Website Design
Doesn’t this vanity business website design make you want to learn more? (Click to enlarge)

E-Commerce Business Website Design: In contrast to vanity website designs, when you’re selling products or services through an online store, you want to be focused on conversion. Your entire online user experience is designed and set up to get customers to fill their shopping cart to the brim and “buy it now.” And with e-commerce business website design (more than anything else) opportunity for optimization abounds. You can continually A/B test your offers and improve your sales almost on autopilot. Take a look at the website below to start imaging what ecommerce business website designs can do for you…

Ecommerce Business Website Design
This Ecommerce Business Website Design puts the best selling products first (click to enlarge).

So obviously depending on the type of business you’re running, the website design can vary dramatically. It’s important to consider the use case you want to present your online users with, as well as the goal of your business. When you reconcile these two factors you’re very likely to strike success with your business website design.

And of course, if you’re looking for a little help with your business website design, or you like one of the options we’ve presented above, feel free to get in touch. After all, business website designs are what we do for a living. So can you use our help?

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Jeff Waite

As an optimization strategist, Jeff helps an array of business owners implement process-based growth initiatives, perfectly personalized to fit their offerings and industry.
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