November 27, 2013

3 Free Online Business Advertising Ideas

Free Online Business Advertising Ideas are always in high demand from entrepreneurs and marketers looking to make the most of the internet. So read this short blog post to discover 3 free online business advertising ideas that you can use right now to get your marketing efforts started on the right foot.

And whether you’re planning to use free online business advertising to grow your SERP rankings, email list or bottom line revenue… there is something in this blog post to help you get results! So read this list and then let us know about your favourite free business advertising ideas…

3 Free Online Business Advertising Ideas

  • Free Online Press Releases: PRLog is one of a handful of free online press release services that can act as the perfect channel for free online advertising. The beauty of this particular online advertising idea is that press releases get published very quickly. After all, we’re talking about the news! So you better believe this advertising idea works fast. And hey, getting the news out online doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming when you use a free press release service like PRLog.
  • Guest Blog: One of the most common (and most effective) free online business advertising ideas is guest blogging. If you aren’t familiar with it, guest blogging just involves offering to write content for other bloggers who have a similar audience to you. This free online advertising technique helps you in a number of ways. First of all you can put your name and expertise in front of an entirely new audience. Second, you develop an ongoing relationship with someone in your niche. Finally, your guest blog can often include a link back to your site too. This is beneficial because it drives referral traffic to your website AND helps your SEO efforts by providing a juicy back link which can go a long way to improving your rankings in Google and other search engines. So while guest blogging takes a little bit of work in terms of finding bloggers to contact, it’s a very effective free online business advertising idea that can provide ongoing value (and visitors) to your website.
  • Free Online Directories: One free online business advertising idea that used to be popular is free online directory submissions. In more recent years, marketers seem to have forgotten about the value of free online directories. When you submit your website to a free online directory you get free advertising in a number of different ways. Typically, these online business directories get a lot of traffic since they act as a modern day Yellow Pages. And as with guest blogging, not only do these business directories drive interested referrals to your website, they also provide a valuable back link that helps with SEO. However, unlike guest blogging you’ll find that submitting your website to free online directories is much faster. Two of my favourite directories that make it very easy to get started are SoMuch Web Directory and Website to R-TT … hit those links right now and enter your website to get started! This is truly the most actionable free online business advertising idea!

So there you have it! The above free online business advertising ideas make it easy to get the word out about your business, without breaking the bank. If you diligently pursue all of these business advertising ideas you’re name will be popping up all over the internet in no time.

What Do You Do After Free Online Advertising?

If you’ve tapped out all the free online business advertising ideas, check out our internet marketing services to see what else you can get to help your online business grow.

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