December 12, 2013

Internet Advertising Agencies Explained

Internet Advertising Agencies are a relatively new development.  Of course, the Internet has been around for decades now. But surprisingly enough, advertising on the internet is just starting to become mainstream. And in fact…

The prevalence of internet advertising is getting to a point where dedicated internet advertising agencies are popping up. And some of them might even be your ideal marketing partner. But no matter what the shape or size of your flourishing business, there is an internet advertising solution for you.

So in this short blog post we’ll look at why an internet advertising agency might be the right choice for you…

Why You Should Consider an Internet Advertising Agency:

Internet advertising agencies should be on the top of your priority list for a number of reasons. Even if you’ve never advertised on the internet before, internet advertising agencies are worth a look. Further, most internet advertising agencies will entertain you, even if your budget isn’t anything to brag about. That’s because…

Internet advertising agencies are very flexible, especially when they’re compared to traditional advertising shops. Whereas the traditional advertising world requires a large up front commitment to purchase a magazine ad or a roadside billboard, internet advertising agencies can start with small social media packages or simple website redesigns. With internet advertising agencies you don’t need to dive into the deep end. You can dip a toe with your internet marketing to check the temperature before biting off more than you can chew.

And by the way…

Unless you’re a multinational brand, the right internet advertising agency can you get global exposure and professional caliber work for the fraction of the cost of traditional offline advertising. So not only can you get your advertising our more quickly and in a more targeted way, you can also do it more cost-effectively… and more accurately measure the results. This focus on analytics and outcomes allows you to further improve your online internet advertising ROI.

With a virtuous circle of online revenue generation, it’s no wonder that internet advertising agencies are gaining in popularity. But you might be wondering: Are internet advertising agencies really an untapped field of opportunity? Aren’t there a couple of potholes along the way?

Like any industry, the internet advertising agency business has both generous and nefarious member companies. So read the next section of this blog post to find some of the biggest red flags when it comes to choosing your next internet advertising agency.

Here’s What To Avoid in an Internet Advertising Agency:

Lucky for you, a little due diligence goes a long way in helping you avoid any fly-by-night internet advertising operations. That’s because there are basically two big risks when hiring a new internet advertising agency. And both of them are pretty easy to spot.

(1) The biggest risk to hiring an internet advertising agency is that you’re not dealing with a real company! I know this sounds scary. But it’s not uncommon for overseas vendors, or kids in their parents’ basement to present themselves as full-service internet advertising agency.

And while this sounds like a serious risk, it’s actually quite easy to overcome. Before you start working with any new internet advertising agencies just be sure to talk to them on the phone, see them in person and generally do everything you can to verify they are real people being who they say they are. You can also ask to speak with their current clients, see their portfolios and structure the payment so you don’t pay everything up front. This is usually enough to avoid the fakes.

(2) The second biggest risk to hiring an internet advertising agency is they don’t have the technical skills to fill all of your needs. Often businesses work with internet advertising agencies on one project, only to see it morph into another. For example…

You might hire an internet advertising agency to do SEO on your website. Once you start to get results you may realize your web design isn’t up to snuff. If you’re not careful with who you hired, you’ll have to spend more time and energy finding someone to build on top of your SEO results. At the end of the day this isn’t a disaster, but when you put the time into finding a full-service internet advertising agency you are much better positioned to give an engaging and integrated online experience for your customers (that leads to more profitability for your business).

Does that make sense?

So even if you don’t know that much about the world of internet advertising, being aware of the two risks above can help you avoid the most expensive mistakes associated with finding a new internet advertising agency. You can also read more about what your ideal online marketing partner should do.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and shortcomings of internet advertising agencies, why don’t you try one out? And hey, if you’re still a little unsure of how an internet advertising agency can really make your online presence shine, then why don’t you check out our service pages for some inspiration?

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