April 21, 2014

Toronto 2014 Content Marketing Meetup – Notes and Summary:

Last week, SEOcial was proud to host a Purpose Driven Content Marketing Meetup for the local Toronto chapter of ILoveMarketing.com. We’d like to extend a big thanks to everyone who came out to discover what purpose driven content marketing was all about. And for those of you that missed this marketing meet up…

Feel free to browse the notes below. You’re also encouraged to join the I Love Market Toronto Meetup.com group to get involved with our next free marketing event.

Purpose Driven Content Marketing – Overview and Introduction:

In broad strokes, content marketing is exactly what it sounds like. You’re creating or curating content and sharing it with your audience. It could be a blog post, a white paper, a podcast, a video recording of a presentation or any other number of  media formats.

The point is:

We’re really talking about creating value by sharing knowledge. You’re empowering your customer by providing educational information. When you give with a leading hand and help your customers make more informed and educated buying decisions you earn their trust and you position yourself as their expert authority.

But get this…

The power of content marketing is not only that it’s ethical and constructive. Additionally, content marketing also really allows you to differentiate yourself compared to your competition. That means you don’t have to compete on price.


Your prospects are willing to pay a little more to listen to your advice or use your service because they know when they go with you they won’t have to worry. Can you really put a price on peace of mind?

Now in terms of the ILoveMarketing.com podcasts they definitely talk about the value of content marketing and educational marketing to help you make more money. Of course…

One thing they discuss a lot that’s kind of the epitome of information marketing is the consumer information guide. And that’s sort of the essence of purpose driven content marketing and educational marketing. It combines valuable market information with a compelling offer and a direct response call to action.

Content Marketing Questions:

If you’re a little unsure about how you can apply content marketing related information to your business, try reflecting on these discussion questions below. You’re sure to find the answer illuminating.

  • Have you tried to make your own educational or purpose driven content marketing?
  • Have you seen anybody in your industry use educational or content marketing? What was good about it? What fell short?
  • What major problems are your customers solving? And what do your customers need to know to make a smart purchasing decision?
  • What makes you different from your competitors? And why should your sales prospects care about it?
  • What medium of content would work best for you? (e.g. is it a Whitepaper for B2B audience… youtube video to demo your product… )

If that’s not enough to get your creative juices flowing, check out these other free content marketing resources…

I Love Marketing Podcasts To Teach You More:

If you’re interested to learn more about content marketing that can help educate your prospects and improve your sales pipeline then check out these free podcasts below to get started.

Joe Grows His Business 500%

Create Compelling Advertising Material

Consumer Guides, Books and Business Cards

And if these links above aren’t enough, I encourage you to drop us a note to see if we can help you craft content marketing to move the needle for your business.

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Jeff Waite

As an optimization strategist, Jeff helps an array of business owners implement process-based growth initiatives, perfectly personalized to fit their offerings and industry.
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