November 20, 2013

What Makes A Good Online Marketing Partner?

Be careful out there. Especially when you’re looking for your ideal online marketing partner. And while it’s great to see internet marketing being integrated into your business, you might be putting yourself at risk. Now don’t get me wrong, implementing a comprehensive cyber-solution is great. But just like any other commitment, you need to be careful who you tango with.


Before you choose just any old online internet marketing vendor, give this little-old-blog-post a read. You can save yourself a whole world of pain, heart-break and expense by familiarizing yourself with these three good habits of an ideal online marketing partner.

3 Must-Have Habits of Your Ideal Online Marketing Partner

The best online marketing partner isn’t always easy to find. But looking carefully is worth it. To speed up the process, use these three habits as a great litmus test to help you isolate the most promising possibilities for marketing aid.

Check ‘em out:

(1) Your Online Marketing Partner is Results Oriented — For business owners large and small, there isn’t anything more important than bottom-line results. Frankly put, you probably went into business for yourself because you were tired of other people not getting things done. (At least, that’s the reason we went into business). So, obviously…

Your ideal internet marketing partner should have a similar obsession with moving the needle. But with lip-service abound, how do you really tell who can get the job done for you? One good test is: If your potential online marketing partner uses data to forecast and drive decision making, chances are you’ve found a results oriented vendor you can rely on. Just make sure you agree on the metrics to measure ahead of time… and then don’t stray from them!

(2) Your Online Marketing Partner is Proactive — If you’re a successful professional, you probably have enough to worry about on the day-to-day. The last thing you want is to find yourself spending your evenings and weekends worrying about the state of your website redesign, how many social media followers you have or if people are opening your email newsletter.

And that’s why…

No matter how big an operation you’re running you’ll find a pro-active online marketing partner to be an absolute necessity. You see with online marketing, you’re always getting website visitors, social media shout-outs, and advertising impressions. And since it’s all happening in real time, you get the most for your money when you have someone interpreting the action and giving you data-validated suggestions on how you can tweak your latest campaign. This is how the most successful businesses use internet marketing to pull away from the peloton. Do you care to join them?

(3) Your Online Marketing Partners are Holistic Thinkers — I don’t want to bring up images of shady snake-oil salesman, but the local SEO Guru who operates out of his basement isn’t going to give you the big-picture consideration you need. Plain and simple. When you hire freelancers (however talented) they operate in a silo and end up costing you more time than you save. On the other hand…

Your ideal online marketing partner has a much more holistic view of your business and takes all the aspects of your corporate identity into existence. They’re considerate of your branding, and how you want to appear in front of your existing customers. Your long term objectives aren’t compromised by short-term attempts to grab market share. And that’s the way business should be done, – especially online.

So there you have it.

Now I hope these three habits of an ideal online marketing partner can help you hone in on the right solution for you (or at least save you the pain of the worst ones). But if you’re still looking for a little more information… here’s…

How To Get Started With Your Ideal Online Marketing Partner:

The short answer to finding your ideal online marketing partner is that you should take it one date at a time. I know that might sound silly, but I’m  serious. Shop around. See what’s out there.

Don’t be afraid to ask a few agencies for quotes. Or get a couple of shops to work on similar small projects. This might sound like a lot of work in the short term, but testing agencies with small pieces of work can really help you get a handle on what it’s like to collaborate… and…

If they end up demonstrating the 3 good habits of your ideal online marketing partner, well, then you know you’re close to finding a fun and profitable long-term solution to all of you internet needs.

On that note:

Why don’t you check out our services page? If there’s something you need that falls within our scope of expertise, we’re happy to put together a small exploratory project for you. After all, wouldn’t it be a shame if your ideal online marketing partner was hiding in plain sight this whole time?

What do you think…

Will you test out our online marketing services?

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As an optimization strategist, Jeff helps an array of business owners implement process-based growth initiatives, perfectly personalized to fit their offerings and industry.
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