You're an Artist

body of an artist illustration from artistic iconography

Really? What’s your medium?

Are you a graphic designer? Or do you prefer to pursue perfection offline, on an easel perhaps?

And hey, we’re sorry about all the questions but great artists are hard to come by. So please excuse our enthusiasm. Let us just say this: if you’re interested in exposure to new audiences or (gasp) paying clients, why don’t you let us take a look at your portfolio? We’re always in need of creative talent like yours, and we appreciate beautiful design.

So, if you’re a serious artist looking to collaborate with kindred creatives, use the form below to drop us a note, we would love to hear from you.

Also, check below for a few of our favorite resources right now.


Adobe Kuler

A web-based color scheme builder from Adobe



A characterless font for mockups based on blocks



The site for following and publishing DIY tutorials

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